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Delhi, the capital city of India, has a population of around 16.3 million.  Even though the first recorded existence of Christianity as a religionin Delhi dates back to the Mughal era, Christians are less than 1% of the total population.

One of the first known pioneers of Pentecostal movement in Delhi was Pastor M K Chacko. He came to North India, as a missionary, from Kerala in the year 1937. He set up his base in Delhi to work among the Hindi speaking people and won many souls for the Lord.

The work of IPC in Delhi commenced with the formation of IPC Northern Region in1969. Pastor K.T. Thomas was the chief architect in the formation of IPC Northern Region, a fellowship of majority of IPC Churches in the entire North India; under its umbrella the ministry of IPC developed in several parts of North India.

As the work of IPC Northern Region expanded, in October 1993, the General Body of IPC Northern Region felt the necessity of dividing the expansive region into five regions for better administrative control and focus on the ministry in various places  across the length and breadth of North India. The decision of the IPC-NR General Body was approved by the IPC General Council.

Subsequently, in March 1994, IPC North Central Region consisting of IPC churches in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan was formed.

Pastor K Joy, who was associated with IPC in Delhi since its formation in 1969, was unanimously elected to leadIPC North Central Region as President. The ministry of IPC further developed with the initiation of several new work fields; many local churches were planted in all the four states under the umbrella of IPC North Central Region.

In 2006, with respect to an amendment in the constitution of IPC that only permitted the formation of State Councils within India, IPC NCR work area was further divided into four different State Councils.

Accordingly, in April2006,IPC Delhi Statewas formed with Delhi and adjoining areas as its ministerial vicinity. Pastor K. Joy was appointed as the President. The ministry became more effective and by the end of 2014, there were more than 110 congregations (both Hindi and Malayalam) and as many workers with the IPC Delhi State.

By the grace of God, IPC NCR and Delhi State were instrumental in constructing 25 church buildings for the believers to congregate in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Haryana. God used Pastor K. Joy to take the major financial responsibility in all these projects. In North India, where we face a lot of difficulty to get a place on rent for conducting worship/prayer meetings, these  church halls have really been a blessing to many believers.

April 2015 was a very important phase for the ministry of IPC Delhi State. Pastor K. Joy who had served as President of IPC-NCR and Delhi State for a continuous period of almost 22 years, felt theguidance from God to give uphis administrative responsibility to spend more time in the ministry of Prayer and Word. He continues to serve the Lord as the Patron of IPC Delhi State and as a General Minister.

Pastor Samuel M Thomas was unanimously elected as the President in the General Body meeting of IPC Delhi State held in April 2015. His election was duly approved by the IPC General Council. The ministry of IPC Delhi State is flourishing under the dynamic leadership of Pastor Samuel M Thomas, with more than 120 workers and as many congregations in Malayalam, Hindi and English. 

IPC Delhi State mainly focusses its work on the National Capital Region, which consists of Delhi and neighbouring cities.  IPC Delhi State has been making vigorous efforts to reach the countless number of unreached people in Delhi State.

God has been leading the ministry of IPC Delhi State in a miraculous manner. Even though most of the churches are not self-supportive, God has continued to provide for the growth and development of the ministry. The population of Delhi is always growing as the city is host to migrants from several parts of India who come with their dream.


There are still thousands of people to be reached with the Gospel. We request you to uphold the ministry of IPC Delhi State in your prayers. If the Lord leads you to work with IPC Delhi State, you may join Peniel Bible Training Centre. The academic year which is from July-March will help in preparing you for ministry among the locals inDelhi and surrounding areas.


Under the leadership of Pastor Samuel M Thomas, the focus is all the more on native people and winning the lost for Christ. The cost of living in Delhi is quite higher in comparison to other places in India. Even thougha few churches are self-supportive, there isa huge need of financial resources to undertake the enormous task of reaching out to the unreached in the National Capital Region.

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